Understanding you and your health

A homeopath’s job is to gain a thorough understanding of your health and the exact symptoms you are experiencing. With detailed knowledge they can find a homeopathic medicine (known as a ‘remedy’) that matches you and your symptoms as closely as possible.

What to Expect?

An initial consultation lasts up to 90 minutes (60 minutes for children under 16) in order to obtain detailed information on the presenting problem then more general information on medical & family history, lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, and personality type. I sometimes prescribe at the appointment but will usually take the information provided and work on the case to establish the best indicated remedy based on the individual information given and send it out to the patient within a couple of days of the appointment.


The number of pills prescribed will vary depending on the problem and it may be that just one dose will be considered sufficient to stimulate the body’s own healing process.


A follow up appointment is usually booked 4 weeks after the initial appointment and lasts 45 minutes (30 minutes for children). At this appointment we assess the action of the remedy and whether we need to continue with the original remedy, prescribe a new remedy or wait if there has been a good response. If however the patient needs to get in touch before the follow up I’m happy for my patients to contact me between appointments.


The number of follow up appointments will vary depending on the complaint but I advise patients to plan for 3 sessions although it may be that more or less are required to resolve their particular issue.


Homeopathy is safe for all ages, including newborns or elderly patients who may be taking regular medication but if you have any queries over whether it would be suitable please feel free to get in touch.



Initial consultation (90 minutes)

Follow up appointments (45 minutes)


Initial consultation (60 minutes)

Follow up appointments (30 minutes)


Under 12 months (30 minutes)

Acute Consultations/Prescriptions

(15 minutes) 







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