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What Clients Say

Happy Woman

I would highly recommend homeopathy for anyone struggling with menopause....After 3 Months..I feel so much happier and all my symptoms including bloating, headaches and fatigue are a thing of the past. Thanks for giving me a new lease of life!

I contacted Catrin when I really was at my lowest, struggling with various symptoms whilst going through the menopause.  After being prescribed HRT patches by my GP as the answer to all my problems, I was so disappointed to discover that they had an adverse effect on my symptoms, and I actually felt worse.  My hormone levels were all over the place and I was constantly tearful and felt very fragile. The chronic headaches, severe bloating and swelling, heavy prolonged menstrual bleeding, low mood, brain fog, irritability, breast tenderness and overall fatigue after countless sleepless nights made for a very poor quality of life.  I really was at my wits end until a friend suggested homeopathy.  Initially I was sceptical, but felt I had nothing to lose. 

My first session with Catrin put me at ease immediately, she was very compassionate and caring and I felt reassured to be able to open up to her….listing all my symptoms which took a while!  She took a full history of all my symptoms and said she had helped many other women who had menopause issues.  She prescribed remedies and when I received them in the post, I was surprised at how tiny the pills were and didn’t think something so small could possibly make a difference.  Within days of taking them, my headaches improved significantly, tenderness and bloating disappeared and for the first time in years, I felt more energised and positive.   

Fast forward 3 months and I can honestly say that Catrin has completely transformed me.  I feel so much happier, my periods are lighter and pain free with all my symptoms including the bloating, headaches, fatigue a thing of the past. I can sleep so much better, so my energy levels have improved, and I just feel so much like ‘me’ again after feeling so low and depressed for so long.  I have a positive outlook and my family say they no longer have to ‘tread on eggshells ‘ around me as my mood swings have disappeared. 

Thank you Catrin for fixing me and giving me a new lease of life!  I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling through the menopause or any ailments to consider homeopathic remedies as they really do make a difference.  

Mrs M. Pontardawe


“I have so much more energy in me now it’s incredible”

I saw Catrin after suffering a year with Glandular Fever which turned into ME, leaving me exhausted and with a shocking immune system. Whenever I would have a simple cold, it would last weeks and be 10 times worse than your average cold and this went on for a couple of years. Since seeing Catrin, I am so much better! She has helped my immune system massively and I have so much more energy in me now it’s incredible. She is so amazing do not hesitate to book in with her for any problems as she will give nothing but her all to you! Thank you!

Ms S H, Neath


“I can’t believe the transformation with my daughter, she is back to her old self”

I can’t thank Catrin enough, my daughter was suffering with abdominal pain and headaches. We came to see Catrin and she listened to my daughter and made us feel at ease. Catrin gave us medication to take and I can’t believe the transformation with my daughter she is back to her old self. Thank you so much I highly recommend you

Mrs. C L, Port Talbot


“I felt like the 'old me'”

" I visited Catrin after experiencing anxiety and low mood linked to the menopause for a number of months. Catrin immediately put me at ease and took a very detailed history of my health and general well-being before prescribing. Within a few days of taking the first dose, I started to feel less anxious and, by the end of the course, I felt like the “old me” had returned. I cannot recommend Catrin highly enough and would urge anyone with menopausal symptoms to give homeopathy a try".  

Mrs M, Bridgend  


“I have been a patient of Catrin’s for over 4 years and have seen her for various different remedy’s for tonsillitis, hay fever, vertigo and morning sickness”

I have been a patient of Catrin’s for over 4 years and have seen her for various different remedy’s for tonsillitis, hayfever, vertigo and morning sickness. She is a fantastic homeopath and a wonderful person who really cares about her patients. Would not hesitate to 

recommend her and she will continue to be my go to person! Thanks again Catrin

Mrs. S S, Port Talbot

Ear Infection

“He has been like a different child and has little to no pain in his ears”

My 9 year old son has suffered with ear infections since he was a baby. The past 12 months or so we have been back and forth to the Doctor and had many courses of Antibiotics. Last month I took my son to Catrin as he was in constant pain with his ears. For the past month he has been like a different child and has little to no pain in his ears. Thank you Catrin from me and especially from my son

Mrs R T, Swansea

“To say she’s given me my life back is in no way an understatement”

When I first met Catrin I had been suffering with infections on my skin for over a year. Twice the infections landed me in hospital with blood poisoning. I was desperate to find a solution and the NHS had just kept throwing antibiotics at me to treat the infection without success. Catrin has been incredible. I worked with her over five consultations and my skin is now clear. No breakouts, no infections and most importantly I've not needed antibiotics since she started treating me. To say she's given me my life back is in no way an understatement. I am so grateful and thankful to her and can't recommend her enough

Mrs. S F, Neath


The improvement has been amazing, I have not used any painkillers or anti inflammatory medications since seeing Catrin

I had been suffering with severe joint pain for quite some time, my visits to my G.P resulted in being diagnosed with osteoathritis, and prescribed anti inflammatories, pain killers and steroids. I used these when the pain was unbearable but even though they numbed the pain it did not have the desired effect. I was also aware of the side effects of taking this medication long term.

Even though I was sceptical of alternative medicines and methods I met Catrin to discuss my joint pain. Catrin delved deep into my medical history to have a complete picture which she then used to identify links between a variety of other health issues I have. This enabled her to identify treatment that would target these issues. During this meeting Catrin explained to me that there are various options to try to find the most effective for my condition.

The initial treatment of worked for a while then during a follow up appointment Catrin gave me an alternative which has been more effective. The improvement has been amazing, I have not used any painkillers or anti inflammatory medications since seeing Catrin. My mobility has increased and I am now attending a gym without any aches or pains.

Throughout my meetings with Catrin I have been made to feel at ease and am now far more accepting of alternative medicines/methods and will continue my visits to Catrin if and when required.

Mrs J D, Neath

I have come on in leaps and bounds with greater energy and much more confidence

I wouldn't hesitate to try homeopathy. I worked in the NHS for many years and I know that they are excellent in treating one condition. May be a whole body with a number of things to consider may not always be the NHS's strong point. Homeopathy is very different and things which may not be considered in traditional medicine are looked at in homeopathy with a view to improving a patient's overall condition. Both traditional medicine and homeopathic remedies can be used together and this is what I do.
My remedy was (and still is!) very gentle and changes to the way the body reacts did not happen overnight for me.


However, I knew that was going to be the case and together with eating properly, I have come on in leaps and bounds with greater energy and much more confidence. It is not necessarily one tablet to help you and one size does not fit all but homeopathy has helped me a great deal.
Catrin is helpful, considerate, non judgemental and is a pleasure to talk to. Her attitude is amazing and she is very keen to learn about you as a person. I'm very glad she told me about homeopathy and how it can help

Mrs. D D, Neath

“I feel he is now a far healthier child with a strong immune system."

My son had suffered with a persistent cough for a long time. It would start during the day as soon as he would start running around, especially in cold air and also every night without fail. I tried cough medicine with no relief and after taking him to the GP was given an asthma pump which did relieve the cough but he became more reliant on it as time went on. I decided to try homeopathy as it was a natural treatment. Catrin gave my son one dose of a remedy and within a couple of days the cough became less and less. I used to have to go into his room with water throughout the night but that stopped and after a week the cough had gone. I noticed his cough started to return a year later and Catrin repeated the remedy he had been given before and again the symptoms disappeared. He has not needed anything further since then which was over 3 years ago and I feel he is now a far healthier child with a strong immune system

Mrs H B, Neath 


“I felt as though I had walked out of a dark cloud”

I went to see Catrin as I was suffering with negative thoughts, dwelling on the past and unable to focus on the here and now, looking back I believe I was depressed but didn't realise this at the time. After having a consultation and having a homeopathic remedy I noticed very quickly that I was no longer finding myself thinking or living in the past, my whole outlook on life became much more positive and I felt as though I had walked out of a dark cloud, reconnecting with myself and my life.

Discovering homeopathy and Catrin has been and continues to be great for me and my family, I recommend it to everyone, a gentle, permanent cure

Mrs. H, Powys


“Not only has her speech and understanding come on leaps & bounds but her sleeping and behaviour has improved so much”

I can't thank Catrin enough, with the help she has given to my daughter...not only has her speech and understanding come on in leaps & bounds but her sleeping and behaviour have improved so much, I am so glad I asked this lovely lady for her help, Catrin has not just helped my daughter, but our whole family

Mrs. LM, Neath

“She prescribed a remedy, which resulted in an overall sense of wellbeing that I haven't felt for a long while”

I originally saw Catrin for a frozen shoulder, however during the initial consultation she asked me questions that led to other underlying issues. From this appointment she prescribed a remedy, which resulted in an overall sense of wellbeing that I haven't felt for a long while. I can't praise Catrin enough, she is very passionate about her work and I would say to anyone thinking of making an appointment, don't wait any longer, you have everything to gain.

Ms N M, Neath

It has been a journey that has ended positively

"I had the pleasure of meeting Catrin after feeling like I had exhausted all avenues trying to deal with a chronic condition that was ruling my life. Catrin was calm, listened and I had confidence in her immediately. It has been a journey that has ended positively. Thank you for all your help and support."

Mrs. P, Cardiff

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